Privates are highly recommended for beginners as well as clients with particular injuries or specific rehab schedules.

Privates are not required to join group classes, but to make Privates more accessible, we have very affordable introductory rate to help you get off to the best start possible.

One-on-one sessions may be booked by emailing the studio your best times that will work for you. 

your first two sessions cost $80
(a $75 saving).

Call or email us if you are interested in in booking a private using the introductory rate. This offer is only available to new clients.

I have taken mat classes and have had individual sessions with Wendee Rogerson, and she is the best Pilates teacher I have ever had. She had rigorous, intensive training in Pilates techniques, and she also has a broad knowledge of other perspectives and a deep understanding of the body. She individualizes her approach, depending on the characteristics of the person with whom she is working, and offers excellent suggestions about applying what is learned in sessions to daily life movement. She is well prepared for class, and classes and sessions begin on time. Her sessions are rigorous, and participants expect to work energetically. However, she always helps participants move safely. I recommend her without hesitation.
— Marilyn F, Stonington, ME and Washington, DC.

Single Private Session: $80.00
Five Private Sessions $375 
Ten Private Sessions $700


For two people with one-on-one instruction on the pilates equipment, reformer and mat

Five Duet Sessions $200  
Ten Duet Sessions $350
(Each person in the duet
will pay the above amount)

If your partner needs to cancel you can talk to the studio about doing a private for an extra cost during your scheduled time.